When you were a kid, did you ever try and impress a crush of yours but not know how to go about it? Well don’t feel bad if you can relate to that, because most marketing, loyalty, and CRM managers are still struggling with the same concept. And let’s face it, convincing someone else to love you back is challenging. We are going to break this issue down and provide a solution that will make sure you don’t fall victim to these easy to avoid mistakes that most of your competitors are making.

The Problems and Solutions

Let’s start off with the first one: Data Quality

Well that doesn’t sound good. What happens when you put bad data in? Exactly, you get bad data out, now what good is going to come out of that? You must find a way to get quality data input, so you have accurate data to target the right products and promotions to the right customers. For example, an older man doesn’t want doll coupons, that is a waste of his time and your money. So, make sure your data is up to date.

Up next: Security concerns and Operational Efficiency

The customers aren’t the only forces pushing towards higher data security, it’s a law now with the new GDPR, so get ready to comply. Most consumers don’t feel as though they are in control of their data, which leads to a less than optimal relationship between the customers and your business. One way to help is to work with the PDD principle, or privacy by design and default. You can implement this easily by digitizing your loyalty on-boarding system. Also by scrapping your paper loyalty forms, you save time and money by not having your employees enter in the information (and sometimes incorrectly).

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Lastly: The Customer LOYALTY Experience

Paper forms take a while to fill out, easily allow errors, and require employee time to input it into the computer. Plus, they kill trees. Don’t be a tree killer. The solution is again, simply digitizing the process. People like interactive things, so if you have an interactive loyalty on-boarding system, people are naturally just going to want to go through the process and complete your form.


Next Steps

So referring back to the title of the article, the thing that marketing and CRM managers are doing completely wrong is not digitizing their customer experience for their loyalty on-boarding systems. Companies with a drive to be innovative and technologically driven are the people currently dominating the markets. If you want your company to be competitive, you have to adopt these attributes as well. One way to do that is implementing a digital loyalty on-boarding system with the PDD principle in mind.

For a further discussion, download and read a white paper written by experts at Intouch.com that dives deeper into the problems and expands on the solutions. Here is a link to their website page for the document.

If the link doesn’t work, the website is:      https://www.intouch.com/white-paper