3 Ways Digital Signage Can Eliminate Clutter Inside Your Store

Nouran Disuky
Copywriter at - Former Business Developer
May 3, 2021
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Digital signage has become a fundamental channel for communicating with consumers. It is witnessing significant growth worldwide; a number of digital signages are being installed in commercial places such as retail stores. Retailers are finding ease and flexibility in interacting directly with their customers. They offer them a relevant experience that distinguishes them from competitors. One that is made especially for them.

Even though print advertising has proven its worth in the past, digital signage is now conquering brick-and-mortars. Investing in such innovative technology not only offers a compelling shopping experience but will also help you break through the clutter. Therefore, customers are more receptive and can perceive your store’s identity without any interruptions.

Here are some ways we believe digital signage can eliminate your store’s clutter and why you should consider making the transition from print:

  1. Digital vs. print

First impressions are important. You may only get one chance to grab your customer’s attention. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. It allures the customer, allows you to speak directly to them, cleans up your store's image, and eliminates any kind of noise. You give the customer the opportunity to truly shop at ease and notice all the important messages your products have. Printed advertising requires time, money, printing, distribution, and setup. Eventually, it brings clutter to your store, therefore, irritates your customer's shopping experience. Over stimulating your customers and giving them too many signs to read means they may not pay attention to any of them. On the other hand, digital signage presents long-term savings from print cost. It requires an on-the-spot cost and installation, with little or no additional cost. It allows you to amalgamate as many ads as you want in one place without causing any clutter. You clarify your persona and attract more customers to do the door.

  1.  Digital signage can act as your salesperson

Digital signage can promote your unsold products and lets customers know about discounts. It acts as your salesperson. So you remove the crowd your labor might be causing in all of your stores. Digital signage helps you connect with customers who don't like to be sold to; giving them the chance to get the information they need without having to interact with a salesperson. It can be updated every minute with the press of a button or campaigns can be scheduled well in advance. In just one click you display new content and new ads depending on the current situation, across all your store's locations around the country or around the world. Tailored to whatever day, time, or date. The possibilities are just endless. 

  1. Less is more 

With so many touchpoints that can be digitized, not all technologies can eliminate your store's clutter. Some might cause more. For instance, a robot assistant might be helpful for your store but will take the customers' focus off the products. By focusing on adopting the simplest technology, you revolutionize your store and focus on what matters the most. You encourage more engagements, more conversions, more sales. You minimize any kind of distractions that might irritate the customer from your target. Eliminating the clutter of print or any useless technology has a direct correlation to an increase in sales. 19% of consumers made an unplanned purchase of something promoted on  digital signage in a retail setting. 

Your store's clutter might be the one thing in the way between you and your customers. Digital signage gives flexibility for you to understand your customer. You keep up the conversation with them and shape your store's identity the way you desire. It is a top influencer in driving in-store sales. You bring direct attention to a brand, and offer a relevant personalized experience to customers with no distractions. If you want to reach your customers in an innovative, effective way, It is time to push past the traditional boundaries and start considering a digital signage. Contact us today to talk about your needs. Our sales team will guide you to the signage that works best for your goals. Get in touch!

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