Level Up Your Retail Store's Customer Service Using These Strategies

Grace Eva
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March 3, 2022
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If you are a retail store and feel all that customers notice is your products and quality, think again! Unlike an online shopping experience, your customers are directly in touch with you in brick-and-mortar sales. 

Shopping in-store is like an experience for your customers where apart from noticing and using products, they notice other aspects as well. You may have often noticed that despite high-quality products, a few customers still tend to get disappointed and are less likely to return. 

Ever wondered why that happens? 

The answer is customer service and satisfaction. Yes, just like you wish to feel welcomed and important when you visit a store, similarly, your customers look forward to the same. 

A good customer service experience works incredibly well to leave a lasting impression on them and convert them into loyal customers. 

At, we value your store and help you redefine your relationship with your customers using our real-time and intelligent promotions platform.

In this blog post, we will tell you about some of the best strategies that would help you to upscale your customer service experience and offer an incredible experience to your customers. 

Let's delve right into it! 

Ways To Improve Your In-store Customer Experience 

  • New Roles to Your Sales Representatives

Your sales representatives are like the face of your store. Hence, it is important to hire the perfect lot. Make sure that they are always well-dressed, great with modulations, handling fussy customers, humble and interactive. 

It is also important to let them understand the technology in your store in your journey of digitization, as some of their tasks could be handled by robots, so they will have more time and energy to focus on customer satisfaction. For example, digital signage can promote your unsold products and let customers know about discounts. It acts as your salesperson. So, you remove the crowd that your unneeded labor might be causing in all of your stores, and give them roles that would be more beneficial.

Digital signage helps you connect with customers who don't like to be sold to; giving them the chance to get the information they need without having to interact with a salesperson. In just one click you display new content and new ads depending on the current situation, across all your store's locations around the country or around the world. Tailored to whatever day, time, or date. The possibilities are just endless.

  • Make the Checkout Process Seamless & Frictionless 

A major concern in retail stores for customers is to stand in long queues to complete their shopping journey. The customer line tends to get bigger during festivals. This could lead to agitation and irritation among the customers, and they may abandon and feel the need to walk out which may lead to loss of sales! 

Hence, it is crucial to look into this. There are multiple ways in which you can work on this. You can create a kids’ section close to the cashier counter. Often cranky kids are the main reason for the abandonment of shopping by parents. You can also create a self-checkout kiosk where customers can complete transactions on their own simply by filling in the necessary details. 

You can offer a few samples of your products on the counter. Everyone loves freebies, and your customers would be compelled to wait for a longer time to get their hands on the samples! 

  • Include AI-Driven Digital Signage in Your Store 

Apart from improving the overall look of your store, you can display a variety of content on digital signages, like ongoing deals and promotions, your best-selling products, or even a social wall. 

A social wall is a collection of aggregated feeds from various social media platforms displayed collectively. Many of your customers would be vouching for your products and store on social media. Displaying it on retail digital signage would build a social proof of your brand and push your customers to purchase more products. 

Our solution, at, allows the content displayed to be personalized and relevant to the customers in-store; displaying the right product, to the right customer, at the right time using advanced AI, ML, and IoT technology. So, this way, you bring the same personalized experience that the shoppers like online but inside the physical store, where it matters most. 

  • Keep The Safety of Your Customers in Mind 

Ever since the pandemic has struck us, people have been apprehensive about stepping out of their homes due to the regulations and guidelines. Now that normalcy is returning and stores are opening up, a few customers are still scared to enter stores to avoid contracting the disease. 

Make sure that you ensure the customers about their safety. You can put up a sign saying: No entry; No mask; or Sanitize before entering— to make them feel protected. Additionally, make sure that you sanitize the store and the products completely. 

But wait for a second! Printed signs are old school, and will not give the image you want for your store. Plus, if you care about safety, you should care about the environment’s safety as well, and prints mean papers which means cutting trees and harming the environment. So, imagine having these announcements displayed automatically on the screens instead, using catchy creatives. Better, right?

Doing so would make your customers feel confident about entering the store as they would feel cared for and valued. 

Closing Note 

This brings us to the end of this post, and we are calling it a wrap! Be it a retail business or any other business; customer service is a crucial aspect of leaving a long-lasting impression on your customers and making their return to your store. But as the world advances and keeps changing, customers’ behavior, preferences and needs change as well. So, you need to be always updated with those changes. We have built a solution that understands the customers, the products, and the market, and gives insights in REAL-TIME to help you provide the unique service you’re aiming for. 

Get Intouch and optimize your customers’ in-store experience, and you will be amazed at how your customers will exit the store happy and satisfied. Ultimately, the customer is king, and you need to ensure an experience that remains imprinted in their minds forever!

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