Life At Intouch: Rawia Ahmed

Perihan El Etreby
Copywriter at - M.A. in Creative Writing from Bath University
June 17, 2021
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My name is Rawia, and I have been a Senior Full Stack Web Developer at since 2018 and currently, Technical Team Lead for the Ads product as well. 

“Life at is simply different…in a good unique way”

I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. I had lived my whole life in Cairo before coming to Gouna. Having lived, worked, and built all my memories in Cairo, coming to Gouna was not an easy decision, however, it has turned out to be the right decision, and I am glad I have taken it because the environment at has been very supportive since day one. 

“Diversity is a key to our success”

There are different nationalities, different cultures, different age groups, beliefs, values, and interests all in one place. And this diversity, the differences between us are what make us a strong team. We respect one another, accept the differences, and we complete each other which is reflected in the strong bond we have built over the months and years. 

“Breaking the ice comes naturally here”

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and time for new members to feel welcomed and already part of the team. The friendly atmosphere just makes us all feel at ease since we step inside.

I started working with fresh graduates this year, and I was impressed by the quick adaptation and good communication that was taking place from both sides. I give them my experience and try to push them forward, and at the same time, give them the space to update me with the new strategies that the new generation is following and the techniques they use; so we end up benefiting one another, the project, the company, and most of all, we feel satisfied and proud of what we are doing… and satisfaction is a very vital part that affects the success of any organisation.

“We create a home away from home”

Gouna is not the common residential city/town in Egypt; it is more of a vacation destination, so only a very small minority has been born and raised here. The majority are people like us, coming from different cities, countries and continents to start a new life and achieve their career goals. Gspace is the only coworking place in El Gouna where is based. It is where we have created a healthy cosy environment that fits us all. 

“Gouna made me calmer, more productive, and affected me in a good way”

My work is a 5-minute walk from my house! And anywhere I want to go to is actually within walking distance. This is incredible for me. After spending my whole life in Cairo, and struggling with the fast-paced life, heavy traffic and stressful routine, it was really good to experience the calm life of El Gouna. You can even see it in people’s attitudes; after a certain time, it shows in their behaviour, the way they talk and think. It is just easier. So, overall, this affects me personally and professionally, as I become more productive and have time to do more activities after work.

“Life after work is super interesting”

All I can say is that I have finally learnt how to ride a bicycle! But here in El Gouna and with the family, the mood itself makes you want to experience everything and enjoy every aspect. The team organizes activities regularly, so I’m always encouraged to do more. For instance, I tried scuba diving with the team.; it was an exceptional experience. And I have done horse riding too! They are all activities I never really thought about doing before.

“Here, I started to value calmness and personal space more… I know what matters to me the most and started to appreciate it more, while achieving my life and career goals.”
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