Edge Computing For Connected Airports

Smart airports are IoT-powered ones. Passengers are increasingly demanding real-life experiences that are as seamless as what’s expected when using online platforms. Parking, arrival, check-in, security and duty free shopping are all touchpoints that are advancing technologically, albeit in silos. Therefore, they are limited on providing customers with the connected experiences they desire.

Truly connected airports are those leveraging the presence of multiple passenger touchpoints to enrich experiences, drive value and increase operational efficiency. IoT ecosystems unite these interdependent touchpoints and deliver on unique digital experiences that were never possible before in the offline world.

The Edge platform Intouch.com now provides offline businesses with the ability to replicate online strategies in the physical offline world. On-prem IoT data warehousing, processing and real-time intelligence is now possible using our state-of-the-art technology.

This allows for the datasets generated by these connected touchpoints, which are massive in size and complex in nature, to be crunched and analysed locally without the need to transfer to the cloud.

More than 90% of the data captured in an IoT ecosystem is rendered useless if not employed in real-time. Therefore, the Edge platform of Intouch.com allows for 100% of the data to be used in real-time while ensuring operational efficiencies are maximised and customer experiences are dramatically enhanced.

Offline is the new online. Let us help you make the most out of it.

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