4 Marketing Challenges that Digital Signage Helps Brands Overcome

Nouran Disuky
Copywriter at - Former Business Developer
May 25, 2021
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A strategic approach to reach the target audience is what CPG and FMCG companies strive for. They want to provide their customers with authentic experiences and products that would distinguish them from competitors. To us, that means they must provide meaningful and relevant ways to connect with their most important asset; the consumers. In every step of the way, across multiple touchpoints. Physical spaces are an essential part to building exceptional customer experiences (or CX). But some brands fail to achieve that because of challenges they face where they struggle to compete for the customer’s attention and loyalty inside the store

Building relationships with customers only happens when you add value to their experience. Where you interact with them wherever they are and in the way they’d like to be approached. Digital signage successfully attracts customers closer to you. It reinforces brand messages and optimizes communication with customers in a blink of an eye. Displaying your ads on a digital signage captivates your audience with real-time information and motivates them to discover more with engaging content and calls-to-action.

We’ve gathered 4 marketing challenges that some brands face and we’ve provided solutions that digital signage can solve for each and every one of them along with some of our favorite quotes. 

Challenge #1 The ever-changing customer needs

Customers' needs change so rapidly and are increasingly unpredictable. Some companies struggle to keep up and respond to the ever-changing customer demands. 63% of business leaders claim that understanding what customers want is a challenge. 61% say that it's difficult to change directions in response to what the customer needs. Interactive digital signage with artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to change and adjust your content depending on the customer's different needs and changing demands. You let your content fit the customer not the other way around. It can be very relevant that the customer feels like it’s made specially for them. You offer a personalized CX that will drive them to return for more. Digital signage impacts the customer’s buying behaviour and decision. 49% of shoppers made an impulse purchase after receiving a personalized experience. 

Challenge #2 Full use of data

Some online brands struggle to use data to its full extent. They gather the data but find it hard to utilise it. 63% of businesses say that their customer data is incomplete. 60% admit that they hardly have any data for certain customers. Digital signage helps you live up to the promise of data-driven marketing. With machine learning infused inside the screen, you turn data into insights and have full control over increasing your in-store product sales. Instead of building campaigns and messages depending on imagined personas and gut instinct, you get to plan your ads based on what your audience truly craves. Digital signage helps you have enough data to understand your audience’s persona and how to reach them. It’s your in-store google analytics. 

Challenge #3 Getting in front of the customer 

Some brands find it difficult to reach potential customers without spending a lot of money on campaigns and hardcore promotions. They find a challenge in getting a good ROI out of their content because it is never consumed in a meaningful way. With digital signage, you repurpose these campaigns and promotions and get it in front of your audience, inside the store, right next to your targeted product. You get rid of the frustration of competitors aiming for your customer's attention. You display your content where the customers are standing, in the most critical time and place; the last 20 yards. 

Challenge #4 Building a brand name 

Building awareness for your brand is not as easy to track as a sale or a conversion but it is a crucial force to establish and maintain an identity. Without this essential foundation, it's hard to achieve other objectives down your marketing funnel. 35% of marketers worldwide face challenges with building a brand name and 35% also struggle to keep their brand relevant. Digital signage provides the flexibility and credibility to familiarize your target audience with your brand. It helps you display content that resonates with them rather than just catching their attention for a few seconds. You get to communicate your company’s personality, philosophy, and values through powerful imagery, color-correct graphics, and incorporating movement. You display your ads and provide useful information at the customer’s own pace. Therefore, add value to their shopping journey and drive them to trust and rely on you. Research has found that digital signage could increase your brand's awareness by 47%

Technology is a solution that every business is adopting to innovate. Even though there is a range of technology-powered options to consider, none of them compare to digital signage’s simplicity and effectiveness. We actually believe that when used properly, digital signage could bring new life to the advertising environment. 

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