Circle K Egypt & Partner to Bring the Irish AI Technology to Egypt’s Stores

Perihan El Etreby
Copywriter at - M.A. in Creative Writing from Bath University
September 21, 2022
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LinkedIn Icon, the Dublin-based retail media network and technology company, has partnered with Circle K Egypt, and K-TV, their retail media partner, taking in-store digitization to the next level, using the latest AI, ML and IoT technologies. Today, CPG brands and advertisers can advertise their products in any of Circle K’s branches using’s AI-driven in-store customer personalization platform. 

Circle K is an American franchise ranked as the second-biggest convenience store worldwide with 25,000 branches across the globe. Circle K Egypt started operating in April 2015, with more than 130 branches currently functioning across all of Egypt. Their branches are located all over Egypt’s main highways and communities; thus, controlling Egypt’s primary pinpoints. Their main philosophy is to satisfy customers’ demands regardless of the store type, size, and location. They can provide their customers with all their on-the-go needs, and thus, provide convenience. helps retailers and brands navigate successful digital transformations and build profitable personalized shopping experiences inside the physical stores, using their intelligent AI-driven in-store customer personalization platform. The company is gaining a lot of momentum in the global market. Several prominent convenience stores across the world are now using the solution across three continents, which allows retailers to deliver personalized product recommendations to customers inside physical stores. The company is operating in Ireland, the United States, Mexico, UAE, and Egypt. Besides its head office in Dublin, Ireland, has an office in Egypt, located in El Gouna, Red Sea; an office in the U.S; and another one in Canada.

“ is dedicated to unleash the power of data for grocery and c-store operators with physical outlets. We don’t just implement digital solutions that drive sales uplift and new ad revenue; we enable retailers to reinvent in-store shopping journeys,” explained Tim Arits,’s CEO.

“Being the first adopters of the Intouch solution in Egypt is an ultimate privilege. We believe in the company and its team, we believe in the technology used, and we are certain that’s vision is where the future of retail is heading. We are glad to embark on this digitization journey with them,” said Omar El Saeed, KTV’s CTO. and Circle K Egypt’s multiphase contract includes more than 130 stores. Circle K, K-TV, and have joined forces to create dependable innovations that will move the Egyptian retail industry forward while also providing new experiences for customers and CPG brands. To offer extremely engaging and profitable in-store experiences, the trio will collaborate closely to harness the power of data and truly engage with customers using the most advanced technologies. They'll use data to uncover the best opportunities and push the right product to the right person at the right time, then measure the impact, and react accordingly. 

On this note, Lamia Abd El Latif, Circle K Egypt’s Business Development & Marketing Director continued: “In-store advertising is very crucial and it is not receiving much significance in Egypt. Partnering with is a great step for the advancement of our retail media network at Circle K Egypt and for taking store digitization to the next level.” 

“We are very pleased to partner with Store digitization is the future of retail, and’s extensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence has produced a reliable solution that would help us to make our stores more intelligent, engaging, and interesting for our customers. We’re proud to be part of such an innovation,” said Tarek Ali, Head of Commercial and Partnership of Circle K Egypt.

“We are extremely excited about this collaboration with one of Egypt’s biggest retailers, Circle K. The Egyptian Market is dynamic and has great potential, and this partnership will help us unlock the full potential of digital transformations in physical stores and fulfill our mission of expanding in new challenging markets all over the globe. We’ve been working with Circle K Ireland for more than 3 years now, and we’re excited to start working with Circle K Egypt and expand our success story with the Circle K chain,” said Tim Arits,’s CEO. 
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