A New Milestone: is now in Mexico

Perihan El Etreby
Copywriter at - M.A. in Creative Writing from Bath University
November 2, 2021
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The growth of Intouch continues as we are delighted to have our solution live in Mexico! Operating in Ireland, U.S., Netherlands, UAE, and Egypt, for the past couple of months, our team at has been working hard on expanding in Mexico and deploying our solution in stores there. 

We would like to proudly announce that we partnered with KIOSKO and have deployed our AI-powered recommendation system in their stores. This is another milestone for us in our journey of growth, building the world’s smartest in-store media network, using an intelligent AI-driven in-store customer personalisation platform.

KIOSKO is a progressive chain of convenience stores, with more than 15 years of experience in the Mexican market and more than 600 establishments located throughout the country. Year after year, KIOSKO has become part of the lifestyle of many people. Their team cares about providing a wide range of products and services that are useful and practical for Mexicans’ daily life. Our solutions will help them enhance their in-store experience with the power of AI and machine learning.

At, we aim to make the physical world smarter and more engaging than the digital one to preserve human interactions from disappearing, while providing a personalised in-store experience that benefits all parties; retailers, brands, and customers. is on a mission to harness the power of data by instantly and intelligently delivering highly engaging in-store experiences that are also profitable. We have succeeded in deploying our screens in 6 different countries so far since we started, almost 5 years ago, and we are still going miles to fully achieve our objectives. 

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