Life At Intouch: Art & Video Games

Osama Khaled
April 30, 2019
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Life At Intouch is a blog series about the wonderful people that make Intouch successful.

The aim is to show what our team are passionate about outside of work. This week we have Osama Khaled a Full Stack Developer from the El Gouna office discussing his passion for art & video games.


I have my parents to thank for my love of drawing, at a young age I got nothing but encouragement from them when it came to art. Although I was far from Vincent Van Gogh, this encouragement lead to me continuing this passion and intertwining it with others.

Release Your Imagination
For me, drawing gives me the chance to live in my own fantasy world. I take inspiration from many different areas of my life, putting my own twist on characters i’ve seen in video games such as Sekiro has allowed me to release my imagination and express myself through art.

Drawing enables me to tap into a sea of imagination

Anime has been another inspiration for me, Attack on Titan and Naruto give me the basis for a lot of my drawings. Anime is a very visual medium and the artwork allows the viewer to see the characters personality through their physical make up. When creating art I want the personality to shine through the 2d drawings.

Calming Experience
Drawing is the perfect remedy for getting over a stressful day, it allows me to drift off into my own dream world and level off emotionally. The freedom from putting pen to paper is very soothing.

Cartoon I drew about the joys of Linkedin Messages

I can easily get lost for hours when drawing, overcoming challenges when drawing is very therapeutic for me, there is also a real sense of achievement in having a vision in your head and getting it down on paper just as you imagined.

Endless Options
Although I started with pen and paper, there are plenty of different mediums to create. Eventually, I transitioned to digital art through my Huion tablet. The versatility it gives allows me to get a better end result.

Vampire Osama drawn on my Huion

More recently I have been trying out Oil painting, it’s very much a work in progress but I hope to put some of the skills i’ve learned over the last number of years to use.

Merging Passions
As mentioned previously, another passion of mine is video games. In my spare time I love both playing and creating. Creating games blends my love for design and programming into one.

Game Jam’s are a great chance for me to really focus on what i’ve learned over the years and put it into practice. You’re given 2 days to create a game on a suggested topic. Previously I would have just programmed the game without much thought going into the design, but lately i’ve been focusing on animation and character design which has been really fun, unfortunately there’s only so much work that can be done in a 48 hour time period! You can play my game Mechanical Turtle Destruction below.

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